The challenge was to the authors we have already published to turn one of their short stories into a ten-minute script.

And here they all are.

We looked for:

  • Effective adaptation of the origin text
  • Ease of production
  • Something that could be Covid safe

Here’s what we said about them: 

The overall winner

This has to be Tony Domaille, Star Gazing Tony’s script has the best balance of everything:

  • Superb adaptation of short story script
  • Covid-safe
  • Ease of production
  • Clear presentation

Highly commended are:

Margaret Bulleyment: Green Grass of Home

An effective adaptation of an already effective story. This would also be easy to stage. 

Linda Flynn: Unseen Eyes Immersive Theatre

An innovative piece and an innovative presentation in dramatic form. Covid-safe certainly.  

Janet Howson: Cinderella’s

Ex-drama teacher Janet has a good eye for the dramatic and much of this was already there in the original story.  This is a skilful adaptation.     

Dawn Knox: The Stag Do

This is a competent adaptation of an already quirky and much-loved story.   

Neta Shlain: Total Loss

A very detailed and innovative adaptation of a short story that has already gained a lot of attention.  

Dianne Stadhams, Sheep be Damned

An effective dramatic monologue (mainly) and with ease of production, possibly as a film or a “stage” production.