1. Think of the word “mull”. What does it suggest? Which one of your ideas matches the cover?
  2. Writers were invited to interpret the theme anyway they liked. We found the diversity of interpretations fascinating. What is your first interpretation of the word?  
  3. The island of Mull features in many of the stories. What do you know about the island of Mull? Which is your favourite story that involved this fascinating island?
  4. Which story do you think makes the most imaginative use of the word “mull”?
  5. The title suggests a particular meaning of the phrase “mulling it over”. Which story in the collection did you find he most thought-provoking?
  6. For all of our annual anthologies we like to take an aspect of Christmas and invite contributors to interpret it literally or as a metaphor. Maybe even to subvert the theme. The link to Christmas is perhaps to do with mulled wine. Why do we mull wine at Christmas?
  7. Can you name any of the stories that include mulled wine?
  8. Can you identify the following stories?
    1. One involving primates.
    2. Someone is waiting for some birds.
    3. Witch hunt?
    4. A trick with a prophet
    5. A murder recorded
    6. A chance to visit the island
    7. Observing the way people dress
    8. This story features a herb.
    9. She should never have agreed to visit
    10. A picture of a pony
    11. Escape.
    12. A less satisfying Christmas and a little Buddha
    13. Will you let her have some peace and quiet?
    14. Cheating at the allotment
    15. Time for a change
    16. Memories
    17. Asserting herself.
    18. End times.
    19. A different type of holiday
    20. Encounter with a bird
    21. The writer’s revenge
    22. Because of a camera?
    23. Suicide prevented