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We have the list for Crackers

Angel’s Wing Alyson Faye

Believing Lies Stephen Faulkner

Supermarket Sweetheart Jennie E Owen

No Fool like an Old Food Margaret Bullyment

Crackers the Clown Anne Wilson

Cracks in the Mirror Sally Angell

In Plain Sight Kay Middlemiss

Dress Form Christopher Bowles

Eton Mess Merlin Ward

Firecracker Elizabeth Cox

Horseflesh Adrian Naylor

Julia’s Crackers G. Norman Lippert

Rescue Me, Saving You Linda Flynn

Sheep Be Damned Dianne Stadhams

Snap Karen Kendrick

Snow Ian Inglis

The Annual General Meeting of the East Kent Macumba Society Michele Sheldon

The Bogeyman Steve Wade

The Flaw Stuart Larner

The me Phone Boris Glikman  

Timothy and Pandora's Box Dawn Knox

Up in Smoke Paula R C Readman

Very Little Helps Clare Weze

Years of Eclipse - L F Roth


Once again, it was hard to choose. There was some very good writing and pretty well all of what we saw here is publishable. We favoured those stories that captured the theme best though the interpretation of the theme was varied.

We suggest that if you're not in the selection list you consider sending your work to CafeLit. Find submission guidelines here. Take a look at some of our stories here. Note, we select the best story we see each day on the first page of our inbox. So, you'll have less competition if you all stagger your submissions. Why not send it around the time of your birthday? Or if it's a little seasonal, at an appropriate time.