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Our theme for 2015 was snowflakes. Stories that contain snowflakes and that are like snowflakes. Unique and perfectly formed. As they melt into the psyche they bring a life-ssustaining force. Snow can be beautiful and it can be treacherous. It can swing from one extreme to another in seconds. It is an important part of the nature cycle.


Here you will find that our writers have risen to the challenge.

Light in the Dark

We asked for stories that would make readers think. We certianly got them.  Some edge towards the dark, though all have some closure and turn back towards the light. Just as Advent time rushes towards the darkest days so we can return to the light, these twenty-four stories bring light inot our dark.

Authors: Sarah Bakewell, Ruth Cowling, Tracy Davidson, Daniel Dowsing, Sarah Evans, Jesse Falozi, James Farnham, Tracy Fells, Athol Henry, Marc Owen Jones, Catrin Kean, Madeleine McDonald, Don Nixon, Ben Osborn Paula R. C. Readman, L F Roth, Glynis Scivnes, Helen Shay, Matthew Temple, The Viking, Melanie Whipman, Anne Wilson William Wilson

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 Something Hidden - darker tales 

There is something hidden, something darker and something challenging behind that placid veneer of calmness we so often see in everyday life. We asked for something a little darker in our latest short story competition. The entrants certianly supplied that. Int hsi anthology we've coll3ected the strongest. Each of the storeis makes you think.

Authors: Farah Ahamed, Arevalo, Antonia Chain, Jeanne Davies, Linda Flynn, Edward Fraser, Sarah Hegarty, Alison Lock, Michael Marrett-Crosby, Deborah Rickard, Aline P'nina Tayar, Graham Taylor, Bunny Vincent, Steve Wade, David West

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 Otherwhere and Elsewhen – tales of alternative realities

Are we alone? Surely not. Do other realities exist? They must do mustn’t they? This can’t be it, can it?

A collection of short stories that take place in another time and another space, light years from here. Edited by Gill James

Authors: Philip T Brewster, Julie-Ann Corrigan, K.S. Dearsley, Phil Hodgkiss, Dawn Knox, Jeff Laurents, Shirley Percy, A.J. Spindle, Damian Steadman, Donald Stevens, Yvonne Eve Walus, Nick White

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Writers for Animals short story collection

Supports three animal charities in England, Wales and Ireland

A collection of fictional and non-fictional animal stories for adults by new and established writers, and edited by Jennifer Elliott-Bennett. This book also includes illustrations.

Authors: Teresa Ashby, Jane Biehl, Pat Black, Sarah Brown, Hemal de Silva, Jennifer Domingo, Jennifer Elliott-Bennett, Catherine Ione Gray, Elisabeth Key, Elizabeth Koubena, Sue Loose, John Roberts, Madeleine Sara, Mortimer Sparrow, Patricia Stoner, Steve Wade, Michelle Williams

Artists: Edd Cross, Christopher Ledward, Mortimer Sparror, Kate Tacey, Lucy Thornton, Dan Widdowson

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 Crime After Crime – crime-themed short story collection

Edited by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt and Stephen Puleston, foreword by acclaimed crime writer Stephen Leather. Crime writing at its best: strong stories, frighteningly real characters and powerful narratives. This collection is a showcase of talent from new and established writers.

“I have nothing but admiration for these writers. There are stories that get you inside the heads of heroes and villains alike and allow you to experience life in the raw.”

Stephen Leather.

Authors: Cathy Cole, Kirsty Ferry, Jane Isaac, Gerry McCullough, Sam Millar, C D Mitchell, Don Nixon, Stephen Puleston, Paula Readman, Kate Tough and L A Wilson Jnr.

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On This Day – "World Stopping Events" short story competition winners

Supports International Rescue in North Wales

Edited by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt and Gill James, all these stories use the back-drop of a real event from Diana's death to 911. Watch a short video about this book at

Authors: Alexandra Bockfeldt, Darci Bysouth, Kathy Cakebread, Leela Dutt, Su Edmonds, Lexie Elliot, Sarah Evans, L G Flannigan, Sue Holt, Jaki McCarrick, Libby O'Loghlin, Clarissa Pattern, Henrietta Richer, Denise St Clair and Graham Taylor

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Voices of Angels short story collection

Supports The Caron Keating Foundation

17 short stories, foreword by TV presenter Gloria Hunniford, makes a donation to The Caron Keating Foundation. Stories about angels in many forms... all the stories will make you think and carry special dedications

Authors: Raphaela Bruckdorfer, Carol Croxton, Sarah Evans, Kirsty Ferry, Shirley Golden, Maria Herring Misha Herwin, Debz Honns-Wyatt, A.J Kirby, Katie Lilly, David R Morgan, Norma Murray, A.J Spindle, Holly Stacy, Sally Tarpey, Alison Wells, Laura Wilkinson

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 BloodMining by our Debut Novel Winner Laura Wilkinson

This thought-provoking debut was a worthy winner and a great read for anyone with a love of literature. Consider it for your book club.

“Lean, lyrical, topical and emotionally gripping. This book is about the issues that we care about most – with a twist.” Yvonne Roberts, award winning journalist and author

Megan Evans appears to have it all: brains, beauty, a successful career but deep down she is lonely and rootless. Pregnant, craving love but unable to trust she returns to the security of her birthplace in Wales. But when her son is diagnosed with a terminal, hereditary disease everything she believed about herself and her origins is thrown into question...

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Hippo-o-dee-doo-dah Charity Book for Children 9-11 years

Cover by Anthony Browne, foreword by Michael Morpurgo, stories by Abi Burns, Alan Gibbons, Dulcinea Norton-Smith, Elizabeth Arnold, Gill James, Jordan Taylor, K M Lockwood, Lauren St. John, Linda Flynn, Mandy K James, Pat Caldwell, Pauline Burgess, Philip Brewster, Philippa Rae, Sally Startup, Sarah Neary

Donation to Together for Short Lives (formerly Children's Hospice UK)

Happy fun stories, lots about animals!

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Gentle Footprints Charity Book for Adults

Cover by Colin Wyatt, foreword by Virginia McKenna, stories by Richard Adams, Sally Angell, Pauline Burgess, Abi Burns, Anne Cleasby, David Dolle, Marilyn Fountain, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Gill James, Mandy K James, Emma Lee, Dulcinea Norton-Smith, Bookey Peek, Diane M Reeves, Mark R Smith, Hilary Taylor, Phil Thomas, Sharon Waters

Price includes a donation to The Born Free Foundation

Fictional stories about wild animals, raw, some brutal, some sad, some funny. This book really gets to the heart of being wild. It is not suitable for children

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100 Stories for Haiti Charity Book for Adults

This book is a collection of 100 uplifting short stories written by authors who wanted to help following the Haiti earthquake. ALL proceeds from this one go to the British Red Cross to help with all kinds of disaster appeals.

Also available as an ebook from

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We like themes... look at some of these for those who like horror...

Scream... Scary Stories for Younger Teens

This book is a collection of scary stories for children, well not too scary but full of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

Authors: Sarah England, Dusty Fleischman, Lynne Hackles, Mindy Hardwick, Kathleen Howarth, Boo Irwin, Don Nixon, Dulcinea Norton-Smith, Micheal O'Connor, Alix Parker, Phoebe Penhalligan, Sally Quillford, Joyce Taylor

Very popular choice!

Devils, Demons and Werewolves... Scary Stories for Young Adults

This book is a collection of scary stories for young adults. If you like Twilight you'll love this, but there are all sorts of demons in this collection.

Cover by Walt Disney artist Justin Wyatt

Authors: Marion Clarke, Julie-Ann Corrigan, Kirsty Ferry, Linda Flynn, Catherine Hargreaves, Alyson Hillbourne, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Sophie Jackson, Gill James, Heather Parker, Clarissa Pattern, Holly Stacey, Sally Startup, Elaine Westley

Another really popular choice.

Spooked – Adult Ghost Stories

This book is a collection of scary stories for adults.

Authors: Sally Angell, Teresa Ashby, Rosemary Bach-Holzer, Adam Bealby, April Bosshard, Nicola Cleasby, Carol Croxton, Paul A Freeman, Danny Gillan, Catherine Greene, Alyson Hillbourne, Rebecca Holmes, A J Humphrey, Boo Irwin, Sophie Jackson, Jean Lyon, Susanne Martin, Clare Reddaway, Geraldine Ryan, Glynis Scrivens, Amanda Sington-Williams, Mark R Smith, Paul Starkey

Half the time, even though you know you’re reading a collection of ghost stories, you won’t know who are the real people and who are the ghosts. The characters in our stories don’t either. One thing is certain: you’ll be spooked for sure.

Or maybe you just want to read interesting literary short stories that will make you think...

Twelve Days – for Adults

Twelve carefully selected stories that really make you look at the world differently. This showcases a number of writers that really reflect the Bridge House Short Story. If you're thinking of submitting to us this is a good choice. These are longer short stories.

Cover by Bexs Roberston

Authors: Annie Bates, Ruth Eastham-Paoli, Anne Goodwin, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Rebecca Holmes, Robin Jarossi, Clarissa Pattern, Geraldine Ryan, Julie Swan, Phil Thomas, Jeanette Towey, Kadian Wilson

Mosaic for Adults Competition Winners 2009

This collection feature stories submitted to the 2009 Bridge House Short Story Competition and is another great buy for those that really want to see the kind of story we publish at Bridge House. Literary unusual interesting stories.

Winner: Sandra Morgan. Second Place: Sue Stern. Third Place: Carol Croxton. Runners-up: Teresa Ashby, Gayle Beveridge, Louis Charles, Sarah England, Shanta Everington, Michael Godley, Tony Gutteride, Susan Haniford, Jonathan Laury, Michael O'Connor, Susan Palmquist,Jenny Robertson, Lynley Stace, James Stark, Christopher Sutton, Andy Szpuk, Matthew Turner, Sherri Turner, Eddi Woodbridge, Ollie Wright, Krys Wysocki

Cover by Bexs Roberston

Going Places – Adult Travel Themed Stories

More of a summer read but then again who doesn't want to escape those long winter nights? These stories all take you far off places and is a great collection of well-crafted stories. One of our lesser discovered collections but buy it and you're in for a treat.

Authors: Fabian Acker, Teresa Ashby, Gillian Brown, Sarah England, Linda Flynn, Paul A Freeman, Jean Gill, Judy Harper, Rebecca Holmes, David McKey, Don Nixon, William Pitt, Sally Quillford, Mel Ross-Macdonald, Neil Russell-Jones, Glynis Scrivens, Paul Starkey, Hilary Taylor, Sherri Turner, Clint Wastling, Elaine Westley, Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle

Children's Advent Calendar of Stories

24 stories that can be read anytime but we also thought it would be fun to read one every day in the run-up to Christmas! This is for children 8-11ish and is a great collection of magical and fun stories.

Authors:Sally Angell, Alan James-Brown, Joan Fleming, Rosemary Gemmel, Lynne Hackes, Liz Kneil, Phil Kurthausen, Joan Locock, Lorelli Mojica, Dulcinea Norton-Smith, Oscar Pebbles, Phillipa Rae, Jenny Robertson, Lisa Joy Smith, Suzanne Stanton, Sally J Tarpey, Noreen Wainwright, Nick White

Cover by Walt Disney artist Colin Wyatt

Disasters and Miracles – Alternative Bible Stories for Children

This lovely collection has been a slow sell but those who have discovered it have said how much they loved it. For children 8-11ish these are stories from the viewpoint of fictional characters re-telling bibical tales.

Authors:Sally Angell, Anne Brooke, Dawn Bush, Elise Harter, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Rebecca Holmes, Gill James, Jenny Robertson, Nicolette Rushman, Sonia Smith

A Suitcase Full of Stories for Children 9-11 years

A lovely collection of stories for children for all year but we liked the idea of stories to read on holiday too! Some really magical tales to encourage children to read.

This has always been a very popular collection.

Authors: Alan James-Brown, Pauline Burgess, Victoria Connelly, Ruth Eastham-Paoli, Rosemary Gemmell, Lynne Hackles, Gill James, Jane Kelly, Leona Matuszczak, Clasrissa Pattern, Christina Raven, Clare Reddaway, Philippa Roberts, Lisa Joy Smith,Jeanette Towey

In the Shadow of the Red Queen Adult Collection

One of the early books this is a fabulous collection of unusual short stories and really showed the way Bridge House authors were thinking and the direction we were heading in terms of stories that make you think. Again this is another one that shows what we're looking for and also what can be achieved. Is the Red Queen after you?

Authors:Teresa Ashby, Annie Bates, Paul A Freeman, Anne Goodwin, Lynne Hackles, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Rebecca Holmes, Linda Lewis, Susanne Martin, Michael O'Connor, Julie Swan, Phil Thomas, Nesta Tuomey, Nurgish Watkins, Rachel C Zaino

Alternative Renditions of Fairy Tales Adult Collection

This is a popular collection because it's different and it allows adults to become children again - a unique collection of adult fairy tales. Some are really funny! This is the one to get if you're looking for something different!

Authors: Amanda Addison, Annie Bates, Dawn Bush, Sarah England, Kathleen Howarth, Liz Kneil,Linda Lewis, Lisa Joy Smith, Lynley Stace, Allison Symnes, Lois Tuffield, Kathryn Wood

Making Changes Cross-Over Adult/ Young Adult Collection

This was the first ever Bridge House Collection and has a real mixture of fun stories that were written more as an advent collection, one a day in the run-up to Christmas but they can be read at anytime. Very really well received! A popular choice.

Authors: A J Humphrey, Annie Bates, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Gill James, Ian Charles Douglas, Jean Lyon, Jenny Robertson, Joyce Hicks, Linda Lewis, Michael O'Connor, Noreen Wainwright, Nurgish Watkins, Oscar Pebbles, Phil Thomas, Rebecca Holmes, Rosemary Bach-Holzer, Sally Angell, Sarah R Harris, Wendy Busby, Yvonne Eve Walrus

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Also check out the titles produced by our young-adult imprint Red Telephone Books

Calling for Angels – Young Adult Novel by Alex Smith

This is a great read for young adults written by Alex Smith at the tender age of 16 and it beat many adult writers in the Red Telephone Debut Novel Competition in 2009. Alex has since gone onto to review books for the Guardian as a junior reviewer.

Magical enchanting, a young girl copes with teenage life, with a difference, a very present guardian angel!

Great reviews!

The Prophecy Young Adult Novel by Gill James –

first in the Peace Child Trilogy

"For fans of YA sci-fi and dystopia, The Prophecy is the kind of novel that truly satisfies that desire to explore new worlds. It's thought-provoking and it's unique. I enjoyed it whole-heartedly and will be looking forward to visiting Gill James' vision of the future again in the second Peace Child novel. Those who enjoy stories set in the future should definitely consider giving this out-of-the-ordinary tale a look." Lauren James, I Was A Teenage Book Geek

Babel Young Adult Novel by Gill James –

second in the Peace Child Trilogy

"This novel is for readers who enjoy complete fantasy worlds and like to utilise their imaginations... The reader will find him or herself finishing Babel too quickly. The novel is terrific for young adults or adults who enjoy fantasy mixed with reality." **** rating on Amazon – Krystal

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Also check out a book that Bridge House published a long time ago but is still available:

Food – Assembly Instructions

OK, you've now got a kitchen - but what can you do with it? You could prepare endless rounds of beans on toast. Or you could try something equally easy but far more interesting. This little book will try and help steer you towards the latter.

This is not so much a cookery book as a set of assembly instructions, that will show you how to take ordinary, readily-available, groceries, a very basic set of tools and equipment, and construct varied and interesting everyday meals quickly and easily. It doesn't present you with hundreds of expensive, complicate recipes to impress your friends. It doesn't describe hundreds of supposedly-easy dishes containing ingredients that you can't find. It doesn't describe simple dishes in pages of florid prose which make the instructions impossible to follow. Conversely, it doesn't assume you are have had such a sheltered upbringing that you need telling that ovens are hot and fridges are cold.

The contents of this book will make your life much more interesting without making it more complicated.

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